Lions Manor Personal Care Centre

The Lions Manor Personal Care Centre project is a four storey addition integrated with an existing multi-storey seniors residential complex in downtown Winnipeg. A further five floors of the existing complex were fully redesigned and rehabilitated to create an overall project of 116 beds of long term care and related support facilities.

The project included an expansion of the existing dining room, an expanded and redesigned kitchen capable of serving 1200 meals a day, a laundry to support the long term care use, as well as administrative offices for management staff.

The project attempted to develop an approach to long term care using a residential based model and specifically emphasized the emerging issues in Alzheimer care. Lions Manor Personal Care Centre was one of the first projects to attempt a design that created three distinct resident room areas – each with an independent dining room and lounge linked by a central nursing station and recreational area.

This project was a very difficult design problem that was technically complex to execute. The project was tendered and constructed on budget and opened on schedule.