Andrew Wach Architects is an architectural consulting practice which has successfully developed over $300 million in building projects for the private and public sector since 1983.

Our experience includes a thorough understanding of complex land use developments associated with new construction and the rehabilitation requirements of existing buildings. We are committed to the projects we undertake and believe that each client and every circumstance is deserving of a reasoned and meaningful architectural response. We create a clarity of design through our experience in project planning, spatial organization, technical execution and project risk management.

Sustainable design is a core principle of our practice. All of our projects respond to sustainable design principles.  Formally educated in Environmental Design, Andrew Wach Architects has practiced sustainability for 25 years, emphasizing air movement control, life-cycle costing and material use management.  We believe that sustainable elements should add qualities of endurance, economy, livability and should be affordable.

We strive to maintain the professional ethic presented and have demonstrated an ability to create compelling architectural projects that are socially and environmentally responsive, while respecting our clients’ needs.

The stability of our core personnel and their uncompromising commitment to client service has allowed our firm to maintain a consistent, long term client base. Our team of experienced professionals has a demonstrated ability to provide architectural and design services within the constraints of time and budget.


Principal Architect
Andrew Wach FRAIC MAA